Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Review: The Watcher by Bella Jewel

*****5 STARS*****

Marlie Jacobson was still trying to get on with her life 7 years after being abducted and tortured by a serial killer and some days are better than others but the nightmares still haunt her day in day out. The killer is dead because Marlie killed him and escaped but it doesn't stop her wariness of others and a huge fear that something terrible will always be lurking. So when Marlie receives a call from her sisters best friend saying that her sister is missing her worst nightmares have become reality it has de ja vu written all over it.

Marlie hires none other than Kenai Michelson, known as the best tracker in the business to find her sister. Kenai is extremely good looking, obnoxious and rude and tells Marlie he isn't interested in the job, but when Marlie stands up to him and gives him a piece of her mind because she knows he is her only hope he changes his mind and decides to help.

They both need to work together to follow the clues but something isn't quite adding up. As the days go on in searching, the two of them go from being argumentative with each other to actually working together and allowing the chemistry radiating from them to do it's magic, but what they don't realise is it's about to become a whole lot more dangerous for them in doing so. Can they work it out before it's too late?

Bella Jewel is one of my go to authors and I just can't seem to get enough of her books, this one was no exception I just didn't want it to end. Kenai is one of those alpha males that we all hate to love. A Broody and obnoxious alpha but seriously sizzling hot and protective. Marlie initially comes across as slightly weak but we quickly get to see her character become brave and strong to reveal a woman that can hold her own. The writing style is flawless and has enough pace to keep the reader invested, leaving a satisfied reader but yearning for more. The story itself reads and feels different to Bella's usual MO which I had also said about her last novel 72 Hours. It seems to be 3 Romance suspense/thrillers that Bella Jewel has signed up for with St Martins publishers and I for one am loving them. Each of the books are standalone and this is the 2nd one. I am eagerly awaiting the third one which I believe is called Blind Date and I really hope more are considered beyond that.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb 

Seven years ago, Marlie Jacobson was kidnapped by a serial killer and lived to tell about it. But it was actually her mother who told the story, in a bestselling book that made Marlie famous. Today, she s known as the girl who slayed a killer. The one who got away. Now, there s just one thing Marlie wants to get away from: her past. But when her little sister disappears, her worst fears comes rushing back with a vengeance

Kenai Michelson is a world-renowned investigator. Dark, brooding, and dangerously good-looking, he s the kind of man Marlie would normally avoid at all costs. But Kenai is her only hope in finding her missing sister. Together, Kenai and Marlie follow a trail of clues that leads them toward the truth and into each other s arms. As her trust in Kenai grows, so does their fierce connection. But will their desire turn deadly as they close in on a ruthless enemy who s watching their every move?

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