Monday, 1 May 2017

Review: All The Lies We Tell (Quarry Road #1) by Megan Hart

*****4.5 Stars*****

I'm a longtime Megan Hart fan. She excels at writing about compelling characters that are complicated and often have messy stories to tell. She isn't afraid to be brutally honest and to tell those realistic stories that don't always end with flowers and roses.

In All the Lies We Tell, Alicia (Allie) is living life in a holding pattern of sorts. She is divorced from Ilya, but they still see each other often since they live in their family homes along Quarry Street and they co-own a business. They grew up together and everyone said their marriage wouldn't last, but the divorce was pretty uncomplicated. Things change when Nikolai (Niko), IIya's brother, returns home to be with their grandmother in her last days. He brings along with him complicated emotions and secrets of stolen moments from the past Allie would rather leave behind her.

This book was such an interesting and emotionally complicated read! Allie and IIlya's families are entwined through a shared history or tragedy that lead them to marry even though they probably shouldn't have. As we Hart takes us through the 'Now' and 'Then' (the book alternates between present time and flashbacks) we begin to realize along with Allie, that she selected the wrong brother. This brings along all kinds of stolen moments from the past and emotional turmoil that the characters aren't really over.

Allie and Niko work through most of the emotional baggage and as clear as it is that they deeply care for each other, there is a major stumbling block to their future. Niko has no intentions of remaining on Quarry Road and Allie has no intentions of leaving it. They have such a complicated past that it should just be a brief passing pleasure anyway. The only problem is that the lies you tell yourself are not always as easily believed as the truths your heart knows.

This is a hard book to classify. I'm not sure I would call it a romance, though it certainly has a love story entwined through the pages. There are elements of suspense and a mystery being worked through as well. I don't know that classifying this story really matters. It was incredibly compelling and like most Megan Hart books I've read, what you think you are getting as you begin to read turns into something quite different and rather unexpected along the way. I highly recommend All the Lies We Tell to anyone who enjoys reading books that are not simple love stories with easy happily ever afters and I am personally anxious to jump into the sequel.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

This sexy romantic drama from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Megan Hart explores the tangled lives—and loves—of childhood friends.

Everyone knew Alicia Harrison’s marriage to Ilya Stern wouldn’t last. They’d grown up on a remote stretch of Quarry Street, where there were two houses, two sets of siblings, and eventually, a tangled mess of betrayal, longing, and loss. Tragedy catapulted Allie and Ilya together, but divorce—even as neighbors—has been relatively uncomplicated.

Then Ilya’s brother, Nikolai, comes home for their grandmother’s last days. He’s the guy who teased and fought with Allie, infuriated her, then fled town without a good-bye. Now Niko makes her feel something else entirely—a rush of connection and pure desire that she’s been trying to quench since one secret kiss years ago. Niko’s not sticking around. She’s not going to leave. And after all that’s happened between their families, this can’t be anything more than brief pleasure and a bad idea.

But the lies we tell ourselves can’t compete with the truths our hearts refuse to let go…

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