Monday, 22 May 2017

Review: Swear By Adriana Locke

*****5 STARS*****

This is book four in this fantastic series, each can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend you read in order to fully enjoy the series.

I just love this series more and more with each book, I have a new favourite Landry man with each one too and an ever-increasing desire to be part of this family. As the mother of four grown boys myself, I think Adriana has the banter between brothers down perfectly and they are a joy to read.
This is a wonderful second chance romance that will have you fighting for the couple to get their HEA. Ford Landry left to join the military ten years ago and in doing so broke the heart of his first love Ellie. Now he is home for good and a chance meeting with Ellie proves that the feelings are as strong as ever but Ellie is still smarting from his rejection and has wall bearing a No Landry’s sign built round her heart that Ford is determined to scale and win her back.

This is a lovely read that will have you reaching for the tissues on minute and laughing at the banter the next. I loved that Ellie was so strong willed despite everything she was going through and felt she was a very real, relatable character. And Ford is just swoon worthy and I loved how he was determined to win Ellie back but gave her breathing space when she needed it. 
A brilliant addition to the series and I love that we get to catch up with all the Landry family throughout the story. I really hope there is more to come from this series.

Reviewed by Vikki Ryan 

Ellie Pagan has a list of reasons to stay away from Ford Landry.

It’s a mile long and was so much easier to stick to when he was a world away. Now that he’s standing in front of her—body hard and chiseled from a stint in the military, suit cut to perfection, and a smirk she could never resist—remembering all the reasons why just got a whole lot harder. 

Ford gets Ellie isn’t his biggest fan. He just doesn’t care.

Standing in front of him, giving him hell, she’s even prettier than he remembered. All he can think about is how she felt in his arms, the taste of her kiss, the sound of her giggle in the middle of the night. He may not know how to win her back, but he does know this: he may have let her go once, but that’s one mistake he won’t make again.

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