Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Review: Their Virgin Nanny by S.C. Daiko

*****4.5 STARS*****

Gabe and Luke are in a committed relationship (though they add a woman at times for some no-strings fun to spice things up) with two adorable little boys and are in need of a new Nanny. When they find Eleri she seems perfect, maybe a little too perfect. Luke wants her immediately, but Gabe has more of a stiff upper lip and warns against mixing pleasure with the hired help.

Eleri proves to be charming and wonderful with their children. After she is drugged on a date, Gabe and Luke rush to her rescue and discover she is a virgin who wants them to be her first. Even Gabe finds that prospect too hard to resist. They come to an agreement that they will all have some no-strings fun (they even sign a contract). Soon Gabe and Luke are teaching Eleri things she never imagined and before long, their no-strings arrangement gets complicated by an unexpected turn of events and pesky emotions. Will Gabe, Luke and Eleri give into their feelings, forget about what people may think and make something lasting or will they let the chance of happiness slip through their fingers?

I love a good menage, especially mmf menage stories, so I was VERY excited to jump into Their Virgin Nanny and it was absolutely filthy. This is the very definition of a one-handed read. Draiko managed to include every combination of sex possible between three people and yet somehow, the book managed to still have some adorably sweet moments. Draiko took smut to a new level with this one and I loved every minute!

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

Two super-hot daddies for one sweet, sexy girl.

Working as a nanny in an exclusive London borough
for two bisexual alphas
is my dream job.
Except Gabe and Luke are so freaking hot they’re making me think dirty thoughts.
I can’t have them, though… it would be totally outta line. 
And they couldn’t possibly be interested in a twenty-two-year-old virgin like me.
I’ll have to find someone else to punch my V card, right? Yeah, right…

Sweet, innocent Eleri doesn’t realize how cute she is.
Like a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, and every other cliché you can think of.
She’s also sexy as f*ck, tempting as sin, and trouble with a big T.
We wanna pop her cherry and make her ours. 
We know it’s wrong, she’s our kids’ nanny, but it feels so frigging right.
It’s not like we’re gonna fall for her… not like she’s gonna fall for us either.
Just a bit of fun… nothing more, nothing less. 
Until it isn’t…

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