Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Review: Worth Fighting For (Fighting to Be Free #2) by Kirsty Moseley

*****4.5 Stars*****

Fighting to Be Free ended on a massive cliffhanger and I was pretty anxious to see where Kristy Moseley would take the story in book two. Regardless of what would happen to the characters, I just knew I needed some kind of closure. I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed this second book. I loved it much more than the first book and I really loved the character growth we got.
Worth Fighting For picks up three years after book one. My beloved Jamie is not the reformed bad boy with the heart of gold we left. He has changed because of what he had to go through and now is firmly enmeshed in the life he tried so hard to escape from. I'll admit to having my heart break a bit seeing where we now find him. He is living life without any care or worry about his well being, having, in his mind, nothing to lose. He's wrong.
Ellie is also a changed person. I wasn't her biggest fan in book one, but time had definitely matured her. She too has moved on to a completely different life. She's happy in London. She's engaged to a new man and doesn't give herself much opportunity to think back on her time in NY or the young man she loved who broke her heart. If she could have her way, she'd never again think about him. When she has to return to NY she thinks she has mentally prepared herself for any run ins with her old life she may have. She's wrong.
When Jamie and Ellie are reunited it is clear neither is over the other and the feelings both attempted to numb and bury are still as strong as ever. Despite everyone's best intentions, neither can stay away forever and soon the danger that seemed to be in the past returns in new forms and there is more at risk than ever before.
I just loved this book. It took me on an emotional roller coaster and there was just as much angst and hardship as in book one, but everything felt more intense thanks in large part to the growth each character has experienced. By the last page I was tremendously satisfied and so glad I stuck around to see what would become of our couple.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Kirsty Moseley brings us the sequel to Fighting to be Free

Sometimes in life you have to walk away . . .

Leaving Jamie Cole was the hardest thing Ellie Pearce ever had to do. Somehow, she moved on. She made a new life in a new city with a new man. So when a family tragedy calls Ellie back home, she believes all her old feelings for Jamie-the hunger, the heat, the heartbreak-are safely behind her. But the second she lays eyes on him, the intensity of their connection is as strong as ever.

Sometimes you stay and fight . . .

Jamie knows pain. He's felt it fighting in the streets, and he felt it fighting to survive in prison. Yet nothing he's experienced has been as painful as the day Ellie left-until the moment she came back. This time Jamie is determined to hold on to Ellie forever. But as much as she still loves him, she can't ignore the dark world he's now a part of. Jamie has enemies. Dangerous ones. And after seeing Jamie with Ellie, they know exactly how to take him out...


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