Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Review: Everything for Her (For Her #1) by Alexa Riley

*****5 Stars*****

Alexa Riley is without question my favorite guilty pleasure. This writing duo writes the best over the top obsessive heroes you'll ever read. Giddiness does not even begin to describe how I felt when I first found out they would be releasing their first full length novel right after the holidays. I had high hopes for Everything for Her and I was not disappointed in the least.
Everything changes for Miles/Oz the minute he first lays eyes on Mallory. He knows instantly that she is meant to be his. She's too young at the time, so he has to let her go, but he sets out to possess her when the moment is right. He orchestrates their lives so that one day, Mallory will cross his path again when he is able to lay claim to her.
Mallory can hardly believe her luck when she lands the type of internship dreams are made of. Even luckier is the sexy man she gets to work for. He seems to be the thing fairytales are made of and she can't believe how perfectly fate has seemingly worked out, of course, she doesn't realize fate was helped along by a sexy obsessive billionaire.
This book was the stuff of instalove day dreams. Everything for Her has all of the magically over the top awesomeness I love about Alexa Riley with added depth because of the extended page count. If you didn't find what you wanted under your Christmas Tree, don't fret! You can buy yourself this fabulous book of smutty alpha goodness on release day to make up for it!

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

USA TODAY bestselling author Alexa Riley's first full-length novel shows just what happens when a strong, possessive man finds the woman of his dreams.  
I'll never forget the way she looked, so confident and sure of herself. I watched her from a distance. She wasn't ready for me yet. I didn't approach her and I didn't disturb her, but I never once took my eyes off her.  
Mallory Sullivan is ready to start her new life. After graduating at the top of her class, she's landed one of the most coveted internships in the United States. Hard work and determination have gotten her to this moment of living the life she only dreamed of while growing up in foster care. 
From the start, I knew that she would be my greatest achievement, so the day I let her go, I set down a path for her. A path to me.  
She never expected Oz to be the greatest culmination of those dreams. But sometimes fate determines who you fall in love with. Who makes you lose control. Who owns your soul. 
And then you realize it wasn't fate at all… 
I've wanted to care for and protect her since the first moment I saw her. I've constructed everything in our lives so that at the perfect moment, I could have her, could give her the life she deserves.  
The time has come.

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