Sunday, 18 December 2016

Review: Swing (Landry Family #2) by Adriana Locke

*****5 Stars*****

This is the second book in the Landry Series but is a standalone and as such can be read without having to read Sway first though you’re missing out if you don’t read it. The series is based on the Landry family of four sons, of which Lincoln is the youngest. We got to meet Lincoln in the first book and he was an intriguing character to say the least so I was happy to read his story. 
Lincoln is a highly successful baseball player and as such has a cocky persona but I felt we got to see a sincerer side to him in Swing which I was pleasantly surprised at. He is experiencing an injury that has him questioning his future yet it also leads him to a chance meeting with Danielle so maybe not a bad thing. I loved his tenacity in pursuing Danielle that also showed a deeper side to Lincoln. 
I liked Danielle from the offset, she wears confidence like a suit of armour in her professional life but beneath it she is scarred by her relationship, or lack of, with her parents and by a previous relationship with an athletic type. So, it’s no surprise that she initially puts up a fight against Lincolns advances. My heart hurt for her knowing that Lincoln was part of this wonderful family and that was exactly what Danielle needed and wanted so I was glad to see the Landry family help win her over some. 
This is a pleasant easy read, a great push and pull story with not much angst and I loved the banter between Danielle and Lincoln which had me chuckling out loud. And of course, the pure hotness that Lincoln brings to the story. A great sport and family based romance and it was lovely to catch up with the rest of the Landry family. 
I am already looking forward to the rest of this series.

Reviewed by Vikki Ryan

Screw him and his perfect stats.
Sinful smirk.
Delicious body.
Lincoln Landry probably even has game-winning stamina.

I’d like to screw her and her perfect ass.
Dangerous curves. 
Sweet smile.
Danielle Ashley probably even has a game-changing personality.

There’s no denying the chemistry between them. It’s so fiery, it’s undeniable. They partake in it. Enjoy it. 
They really enjoy it. 
Attraction is not a problem. Nor is their banter, relationship status, or habits. That’s all fine. Perfect, actually. 
The problem is as tangled up as their sheets. 

A STANDALONE romantic comedy from USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke.

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