Sunday, 18 December 2016

Review: For All the Evers by Debra Anastasia

***3 Stars***

I loved Debra Anastasia's Poughkeepsie. I thought it was unique and well written. So I had high hopes that this book would be no different.
Whilst I found the storyline to be incredibly unique, to the point that I had to know how things concluded, that I'm afraid is where it ended for me.
It was the main character, Fallen Billow, where I started to have my doubts about this book. Her personality appeared too naive, obsessive to the point of annoyance and generally just weak, especially when it came to the character, Lad Orbit.
Lad was an awfully brilliant creation, but the way Fallen handled him was just not believable enough for my liking. For me, she had so much at stake, but to let him get away with the things he was doing, and that there were so many other options open to her which should have been obvious to her, just irritated me and didn't make me fall in love with her character at all. She also handled her alcoholic mother with the same lack of courage. There just seemed to be very little fight in her and for someone who has had a pretty tough life, when all is said and done, I expected someone with a tonne of fight in her.
The story itself read very much like a list for a large portion of the book. This paragraph, I think, explains what I mean:- ***Fallen excused herself and left soon after. Fenn’s ride was just pulling up as she stuck her key in the door at home. He looked exhausted. They had cereal for dinner and watched their favourite competition show before going to bed*** I found that this particular style of writing showed very little feeling in not only the story's execution, but also with the characters, who gave me very little emotion and for a book that was based around Thomas McHugh, a soldier fighting for his country. This book should have had me weeping buckets, or at least having me feel something towards it, but sadly I was too detached from most of the characters and certain events that happened throughout. It also didn't hold my interest for any lengthy periods of time and took me far too long to read by my usual timing standards.
I felt that towards the end things felt rushed and at times a little erratic in its delivery, however the ultimate ending itself finally caught my interest and it turns out that it was Thomas McHugh who turned out to be my favourite character of the entire book and now knowing how much this character meant to the author, it is clear to see why he stood out so much for me.

Reviewed by Louise Dale

Fallen Billow should be in college like most of her friends, but instead she’s raising her brother and working as a housekeeper at a vintage local hotel. It’s back-breaking work, but not nearly as challenging as fending off unwanted advances from the hotel’s owner. 

Thomas McHugh is fighting for our country, across the globe and decades before Fallen Billow was even born. So there’s no way they’re soul mates. There’s no way he can be desperate to see her, hold her, kiss her. Except there is. 

Is it a dream when he inks his name on her skin? Is it a delusion when she puts her hands on his face and says she loves him? Nothing has ever felt more real. 

Fate has etched paths for Thomas and Fallen that even time cannot touch. A Purple Heart proclaims Thomas’ valor and bravery. And his death. But Fallen dares to dream of the impossible. She wants Thomas to stay. Just stay. 

A tribute to all who have served our country, this novel honors the impossible beauty of love and the endless power of hope. Come open your heart and celebrate the many facets of bravery with Fallen and Thomas.


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