Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Review: Empire (Cartel #3) by Lili St. Germain

*****5 Stars*****

5 Nail biting stars
This is the third and what I assume is the final book of the Cartel Trilogy. It was also the one I was so scared to read (I even had a nightmare about Dornan), but oh boy was it worth it.
Mariana's story was briefly explained in the Gypsy Brothers series and anyone who has read that will know how things work out for Mariana and other characters, so the fact that I knew these things only made this an incredibly tense read for me.
This series has literally sucked me in and made me not only sympathise with Dornan, but actually have positive feelings towards him and that's where it has messed with my mind somewhat.
This book, I have to say was my favourite of the entire series and even though I thought I knew the story of not only Mariana, but John, Dornan, Juliette and Jason, this book gave me so much more than I ever thought possible.
As we are approaching the end of 2016, I am confident this will be one of my great reads of this year and definitely one I won't be forgetting in a hurry.

Reviewed by Louise Dale

The breathtaking finale to the USA Today bestselling Cartel trilogy.

I should have known it would always come down to this, from the very moment I laid eyes on him in that motel.

I should have known his salvation was too good to be true.

Because it's all gone now, the impossible, secret love I had for him bleeding away in the darkness that came afterwards.

Now there's only hate.

Now I just want to escape.

Even if it means I have to kill him to be free.

Before the Gypsy Brothers series there was the Cartel - from USA Today bestselling author Lili St Germain.

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