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Review: To Catch a Flame (The Red Series #3) by Lily Freeman

*****5 Stars*****

To Catch a Flame is the third and final book in the Red trilogy (though I am hoping we get Luke's story down the road, because even moderately unstable uber-sadists should get their happy endings) and should not be read as a stand alone (also note this review may contain spoilers for the previous two books).
This was my favorite book in this trilogy and that is in large part due to the fact it was pretty much all about Mika and Elliot. You may recall in my two previous reviews I gushed over my love for these two characters. That has not changed and I want a pair like them for myself. As this story begins after the cliff-hanger in book two Mika and Elliot are determined to piece together a shattered and damaged PJ. They go out of their way to show her how much they love, adore and treasure her. Sadly, they have two major obstacles to this goal.
Obstacle 1: PJ is convinced Mika and Elliot are gay. While she is thrilled they're still allowing her to warm their beds and she has fallen head over heels in love with both men, she fears their time is limited. After all, what does an attached and seemingly perfect gay couple need with a damaged woman? Once the passing amusement wears off, they'll surely be ready to leave her to her own devices. Which leads us right into Obstacle 2.
Obstacle 2: Mika and Elliot have not been entirely forthcoming with PJ. In their efforts to protect her and keep her safe, they have been keeping some pretty important information from her. Sure, their lies of omission, come from the best of places, but she already has dealt with male betrayal, she doesn't want to feel it again from two men she loves. As if that isn't enough of a complication, once she finds out the full extent of their secret, her confidence and trust is shattered. It may too much for her to deal with or forgive.
This series had a good bit of angst, but it was done so well, I didn't mind it for a second. I ate up each book and found the characters completely fascinating. I'm a complete softy for menage relationships so this book made me all kinds of happy. I'm hoping we see more of Luke in future books because I am dying to see how the right woman can fix the broken and oh so intense sadist. I highly recommend this series to lovers of BDSM who have open minds, enjoy a well written and emotionally complex story and who don't mind some fluidity in their expected final pairings.

Reviewed  by Rosemary Feil

After PJ and Luke’s final volatile encounter, she struggles to cope, but she’s not alone. 
Mika and Elliot have moved into her home, her bed—stripping her bare and stealing her heart.
PJ’s no longer terrified of the man who tried to break her, just terrified of falling in love with the two men she knows she can never have.

Or can she?

All it takes is a confession, one little word, and her entire world tilts abruptly. What they’ve hidden from her is the sweetest of betrayals, and PJ’s devastated by it, yet she just can’t fight the pull towards them any longer.
The love they have for her, and each other is intense and all consuming, but something’s not right. It’s subtle at first, a word, a gesture, a pair of handcuffs—an exchange of power. Despite her trepidation, her trust in them allows PJ to explore the things about herself that Luke tried to destroy, and she does until she’s faced with a soul-breaking ultimatum.

Secrets and lies, wants and needs. Once again, PJ finds herself completely bound by someone else's desires, only this time, there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This time, she’s forced to face her fears so that she can claim the hearts of the two men who were always meant to be hers.

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