Saturday, 16 April 2016

Review: When Nothing Is All You've Got by Kirsty Dallas

*****5 Stars*****
At he minute I'm on an dystopian binge read and I snapped up one brilliant dystopian read with When Nothing Is All You've Got!!!!
Do you love a readig a book that tansports you right into the story? I do and this is what got with this story.
Nada (her name means nothing) is one kick ass female lead i loved her, unfortunately she has been through so much, she's killed someone and raped all by the age of 16, she was born into the red sector where all the rapists and murderers are as her mother is a drug addict and her father who i wanted to throat punch a good few times is the king of the underworld.
The story is set in the underworld and also the underground prison, in the prison we have sectors which determin which group you belong to.
White - innocents who have unfortunately been born into this hell hole
Blue - petty crime like vandalism
Yellow - drug related
Red - is the more serious of crimes like murder and rape.
Shadow is the kings number one man, he was sent into red sector for murder, he see's something in Nada that he can't ignore, will he sacrifice his position in the underground for a chance with Nada?
This story is NOT insta love (which i love), the chemistry between the pair is real and slow building, this really has me wanting to turn the pages faster to find out what happens next.
Awsome dytopian book from a unknown author for me so now i can't wait to read more from Kirsty Dallas.
Reviewed by Gemma Curran
“Move like the wind, protect your face, keep your eyes on the target, and don’t get dead.”

I am the daughter of a King,
but I am no princess.
I am loathed by many,
but feared by more.
To one I was nothing,
to another I am everything.
I am a pawn in their game,
a fighter in their ring.
My name is Nada,
and this is life in the underworld.

“If your heart still beats and air still fills your lungs, you get up and you keep fighting.”

I am the son to good people,
But I am not a good person.
Blood stains my hands,
Murder marks my soul.
To one, I am everything,
To others, I am nothing.
I am a soldier of death,
A dark assassin in their prison.
My name is Shadow,
And this is life in the Underworld.

A standalone Dystopian novel

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