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Review: After The Rain (One Pass Away #1) by Mary J. Williams

****3.5 Stars****
This is the first novel I've read by this author and I doubt it'll be the last, I quite enjoyed this book. Although it's Written in third person this is definitely Logan's story. I find it hard to connect with characters when books are written in third person and this was no different, I felt a little removed from the story, like I couldn't fully immerse myself into the characters, the feeling and the flow of the story, but it... didn't stop me enjoying it.
Logan Price is a fallen football star, he was injured during a vital game. That knee injury cost him his career, now years later he's back in the small town he fought so hard to get away from, working in his dad's bar and running the streets of Denville during his sleepless nights.
When Gaige Benson, Logan's ex team mate shows up in town with a pretty blonde and the offer of a lifetime in tow it's easy to see that Gaige never gave up on Logan's dream even when Logan did. Gaige brought Claire, the pretty blonde to check out Logan and see if she could work with his injury to get him back on the field and give them both a shot at the Super Bowl.
Claire Thornton is a freshly qualified trainer, she has all necessary knowledge to help Logan get back to the NFL. She met Gaige when she had nothing and he helped her through school so she could follow her dreams of making it in a male dominated profession. It will be hard work but if she can fix Logan, he will be the proof she needs to be taken seriously by the big leagues.
Claire and Logan hit it off from the word go, her personality is exactly what he needs to pull him out of his depression. She's quick witted, funny and very smart and she immediately draws his attention. Their chemistry is good but I think it could have been better. They seem to get caught up in each other quite quickly and their working relationship and private one seem to intermingle quite well. The supporting characters are the kind that you could take or leave most aren't vital to the story and lacked much depth. But the characters that were vital were well written.
I found it slightly confusing how the story seems to jump backwards and forwards in places. In one instance it will say someone has left and then you'll get dialogue from them. I think the structure definitely needs looking at. There aren't obvious breaks between the present situation and the past that they talk about. I'm not sure if it was my Kindle version but I felt like there was sometimes something missing that would help the scenes flow from one to the next. I had to go back and re-read some parts a few times to make sure I'd not missed anything. Again it could have just been the net galley/kindle version but I thought it worth mentioning, as it may be a formatting problem.
Overall I liked the book and the story but I felt it left something to be desired. So for that reason I'd give it 3.5 stars.
Reviewed by Paige Rymer
Welcome to the NFL.
The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.

Logan Price is getting a second chance.
Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts.

Logan Price was living his dream. After years of hard work he finally made it. Starting running back for the Knights.
After only a few games, he was a fan favourite. There were whispers of a rookie of the year award.
It all ended with a devastating injury to his leg that sent him back to Oklahoma. A failed attempt at a comeback sent him into a deep depression.
His life became about two things. Working at his father's bar, and running. One filled his days. The other made getting through the endless nights a little easier.
When an old friend offers Logan a lifeline, he's reluctant to grab hold. He could live without football--barely. But he didn't think he could survive getting his hopes up only to lose it all again.
Claire Thornton's dreams are just as big as Logan's. She left the small town where she was born, to make something of herself. It hasn't been easy. A woman with no money and no connections. Everything she has, she's earned. Helping Logan Price get back to the NFL will prove to her detractors that she can be a trainer. She is determined to make it in a male-dominated world.
The attraction is instantaneous.
The reasons not to get involved too numerous to list.
It only takes one kiss--one touch--for them to realize if they want their dreams to come true they need more than luck. They need each other.

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