Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Review: A Sensible Woman by Fiona Cameron

****4 Stars****
What attracted me to this book was the fact that it was set in rural Scotland. So many books in the romance genre are set in the US these days, that a change of scenery was a definite selling point for me.
Going into the book, I also noticed another major difference compared to the books I normally would read and that was the main female character in the book was your average 45 year old and not the young, hot bombshells I have become accustomed to and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
If I had to describe the feel of this book, I would say it definitely had a Midsomer Murders vibe to it (UK readers will hopefully know what I mean when I say this).
Fergus, a private investigator, is the main love interest in this book, but I'll be honest, I felt the love story dragged for me. It was all a little too polite and civilised for my taste. I'd even go so far as to use the terminology 'hoity toity'.
The sex scenes were implied and generally the only way you knew they had happened was one of the characters would briefly recall the act. This wasn't actually a problem for me, but pair that with a relatively mundane journey towards happy ever after, I just wanted more.
I did find that the mystery element of the book to be quite enjoyable indeed and I wouldn't have been disappointed at all had this storyline made up the bulk of the book.
I'm not sure how well this book would translate to anyone outside the UK as there did appear to be a lot of terminology that I'm not entirely sure would mean anything to someone not familiar with the UK. All in all though i have to say this wasn't a bad book to read at all, especially if you like something with a lot less drama in the romance department and your characters in the 40+ category.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
‘As soon as artists die, the value of their work goes up astronomically.’
A friend’s casual remark on the market for artworks leaves gallery-owner Mabel Mountjoy daydreaming about demand for Roddy McCulloch’s paintings skyrocketing overnight. In recent years, she has been finding his work impossible to shift at any price. But when the artist disappears and a rather unusual private investigator is called in to help find him, the repercussions are far beyond anything Mabel has foreseen.
An unconventional and touching love-story interwoven with a gripping who-done-it mystery, set in the beautiful South-West of Scotland.

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