Sunday, 3 April 2016

Review: Uncovering Annabelle (Summersville Secrets #1) by N.J. Walters

****3.5 Stars****
This book opens with a sex scene and of course I'm never going to be mad at that. ...
Mike Sloan is the man of Anabelle's fantasies, but she's a shy librarian who's only been living I town for six months and in that short time it turns out she caught Mike's attention too. Mike Sloan had been dreaming about the cute librarian and wanting to know the woman under the frumpy clothes, perfectly pinned hair.
This is the story of a woman discovering her sexuality and making her fantasies real. Mike Sloan is the man that makes Annabelle realise her worth as a woman and cherishes every second of her company. Their relationship moves quickly and evolves into something more. I felt like we were just scratching the surface with this couples story, for me there could be more character and story development, I'd love to know more about both of these characters and get into their lives a little more. So in my opinion this book is a short and sexy romance that has a lot of potential but doesn't quiet hit the mark for me.
Reviewed by Paige Rymer
The first book in the sexy Summersville Secrets series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author N. J. Walters!

Days fueled by desire . . .

Annabelle Lee is content to spend her days as a quiet and staid librarian, revealing her true desires only at night, when she indulges in the rich erotic life that lives only in her fantasies. It is there she dreams of Mike Sloan, the rugged handyman who stirs her passions and ignites her erotic nature.

Nights filled with pleasure . . .

Mike has always yearned to get a peek behind Annabelle’s demure nature, knowing there is far more there than she shows. When he finally gets her alone, they unleash a passion beyond any late-night fantasy. Limited only by their imaginations, they set out to explore even their deepest desires, with Mike hoping to win Annabelle’s heart in the process.

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