Monday, 25 April 2016

Review: Moth by Jennifer Foor

****4 Stars****
Moth meets Windy after he has to take time out from being a DEA agent as his brother is found dead. Moth soon realises it was no accidental overdose and a murder investigation is launched. Undercover and blending in at his brothers college he meets Windy Lewis. Moth never thought he would fall for a woman after seeing a lot of his team in failed marriages because their job demands field trips for months at a time. Windy is a mystery and Moth seems to think she holds all the answers to his brothers death so tries to seduce her, but Windy doesn't give in to his advances easily, she's a distraction and Moth is maybe getting in to deep can he separate desire from work and find out what secrets she holds?
Ahhhhhhh Moth is my ultimate alpha hero and he can come save me any time he wants! I loved this book and couldn't put it down. The characters are easy to love and connect with and their story is a whirlwind of ups and down's. The book is action packed with hot scenes and angst. The story flows well and It's one of those books that keeps you guessing, but you will never get it so I wouldn't try. My only slight little gripe was I felt the ending was a bit of a rushed scenario and I would have liked to have seen more of a drawn out epilogue but overall I loved it.
Reviewed by Claire Lamb
After his stepbrother is found murdered following a drug deal gone wrong, DEA agent Timothy (MOTH) Douglas goes undercover to take down the people responsible.
Posing as a college student, he sets out to learn more about his estranged younger sibling, infiltrating his circle of friends to further help the investigation.
The moment he meets Windy Lewis he knows she holds the answers.
MOTH pretends to be interested in the mysterious woman, only to fall victim to his own desires. For the first time in his career his personal feelings take him down a road he may never come back from.
When MOTH gets in too deep he will have to make a choice.
Justice or Love

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