Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Review: Wanted by Dee Palmer

*****5 Stars*****

I'm one of those people who typically start a book that I'm reviewing without reading the synopsis, any teasers or other reviews. I go in completely blind.

This book has a title that's bound to pique your interest and I certainly thought I knew what I was letting myself in for but I was so far off the mark. 
It's so much more than a hot and steamy read. I'm not sure whether the author, Dee Palmer, intended it to be funny or not but I found myself chuckling aloud at times.
Even so, there are parts that leave a lump wedged in your throat. It's filled with insecurity, trust issues and deep seated monsters that almost whisper like the devil on your shoulder.

The characters are great and despite finding Finn slightly annoying, she grew on me as the story progressed. 
With four male characters to pick from you can't go wrong. You're bound to find one that suits your tastes and I'm sure you'll have a favourite.

Wanted is well written with only a few minor editing issues. What I really enjoyed were the dynamics between the characters and the strong bond they all share.

All in all, despite not being what I expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm sure you will too. 5 star read - highly recommended.

Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer 

I waited ten years for the right guy, then four come along at once.

I wasn’t even looking for my Mr Right. I thought I’d found him and he was just waiting for that perfect moment to pop the question. When the time came it was far from perfect The event left me a humiliated, broken-hearted mess.

Still, a person would have to be batshit crazy to do what I’ve done, or I’m about to do.

I’m Orange County bound with all my worldly possessions crammed into five suitcases and an agreement to marry one of four complete strangers.
I just don’t know which one of the four men it’s going to be.

No need to panic.

I have a whole month to make my decision. Who would do such a thing? No sane woman that’s for sure, but then with a name like Seraphim, I was never going to normal.

Hi, you can call me Finn.

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