Monday, 13 March 2017

Review: Game On by SC Daiko

*****4.5 Stars*****

I'm a sucker for student/teacher stories. Total guilty pleasure of mine and I do a mental happy dance anytime a new one is released. Game On by SC Daiko was especially fun, since it features a female teacher and a male student, a pairing that doesn't happen too often in this particular sub genre.

Beth had a hot one night stand at her friend's hen party that left her wanting to stay away from men for awhile. Keeping her head down and throwing her all into her new position as Spanish teacher is the best way to forget about things that will never be.

Ryan is focused on becoming a professional rugby player, but no one can spend all their time working hard without a little fun thrown in. He has an attraction to older women and he enjoys that attraction through a series of one-night stands. They are a means to an end and after the itch is scratched he forgets the women and moves on, until one particular woman leaves an impossible to forget impression on him.

Beth gets the shock of her life when Ryan enters her classroom. He's the man she has been trying to forget and she is the woman he can't forget. She's determined to keep things professional, but Ryan won't take no for an answer. Soon he weakens her defenses and they find themselves in the midst of a hot and heavy forbidden affair.

As is always the case with student/teacher stories, you read with a sense of trepidation, because no matter how passionate or true the romance, you know the other shoe will drop at some point. When that happens to Beth and Ryan you'll find your heart breaking right along with theirs. Luckily, Daiko doesn't leave us heartbroken for too long. This is a great addition to the student/teacher genre and will be of particular interest to people who enjoy reading an interesting and steamy older woman/younger man romance.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

If I wasn’t her student it would be game on.

There was only one thing I wanted in life: 
to play professional rugby.
I lived and breathed it
until I met Beth. 
She’s beautiful, sweet, and so incredibly sexy . . . 
but she’s out of bounds.
Beth wants me, I know she does, and I want her.
If I wasn’t her student it would be game on.

There was only one thing I wanted in life: 
to be a good teacher.
And I was
until I met Ryan.
He held me against his hard body on a hot Ibiza night, 
and I lost myself to him.
Six months later, he’s in my Spanish class… 
what I feel for him is totally against the rules.
Soon rugby isn’t the only game Ryan is playing.
But when his past catches up with him, and everything starts to go wrong . . .
will it be game over for the two of us?

Warning 1: Game On is about a super-fit young rugby player who has the hots for his sexy Spanish teacher.

Warning 2: Game On might melt your panties. Proceed with caution. Readers aged 18+ only.

Warning 3: Game On is filled with feels, angst, and off-the-chart chemistry. A taboo relationship, a black moment, and then a happy ending. Enjoy!

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