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Review: Sudden Desires (Sweet Promises #1) & Sudden Flames (Sweet Promises #2) by Shanora Williams

Sudden Desires (Sweet Promises #1)
****4 Stars****
I had read this book previously but decided to reread before book two and I forgot how frustrated this book made me. We hear from all three main characters in this story and honestly I so far don’t really like any of them.
Griffin Boyd is in a dead marriage and is wife is nasty in every sense so when he encounters Angelica through business and the attraction is obvious I was screaming in my head for him to go for it. When Griffin finally caves in the sex is hot, so I’m looking to his wife and asking what has this man done to make her hate him?
Colette is venomous towards her husband and I hated her from the off, even when her reasons came to light I still hated her, I am still waiting for her to have a redeeming factor. Initially I was frustrated as to why they just didn’t leave and then I was just angrier at Colette for being so weak in the beginning to put them in the situation.
Just as I was warming to Angelica she showed her cards and I was angry at her but I'm hoping she can redeem herself so I'm holding off on my judgement of her.
This book turns on its head and the twists and turns start leaving me even more frustrated that these characters can be so gullible to manipulation. Griffin seriously needs to grow a pair, man up and go for what he wants. I am interested in seeing how the author develops this story.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan
Screw the ring.
The good life.
My selfish wife.
I have felt abandoned by her for years. Forgotten.

But all of that has changed.
I've met an incredible woman. I didn't mean for anything to happen with her. We were only supposed to be doing business together. But that sassy mouth, fine ass, and those perky tits got to me. It was a spur of the moment thing - both of us blinded by lust.

Is it bad to crave a woman so badly that you'll do practically anything to hold onto her? Like make sweet promises that you know damn well can't be kept?

Don't be fooled. This newfound "happiness" may only be a f*cking façade, and what's worse is that I can't let it go.
Not now.
Probably not ever.

Why? Because there is only so much rejection a man can take before he finally just... gives into temptation.
Sudden Flames (Sweet Promises #2)
****4 Stars****
This is the second book in the Sweet Promises Series and you must read book one first. I have been looking forward to this book in the hope that Griffin finds a way out of the mess that is his marriage to the vile Collette and I am left even more frustrated by this series.
Everything around Griffin seems to be imploding since he suffered one betrayal too many and he looks set to start taking control of his life but things just seem to be getting murkier and more twisted. My heart broke for him reading the scenes regarding his son and it was difficult reading (be warned). Yet he still seems to be holding back.
Colette is quite simply crazy, I honestly wanted to put my hand through my kindle and throttle her for her ridiculous thoughts. She continues to play Griffin and those around her rather than deal with her real issues, she is honestly the most frustrating character I have ever read and my most hated.
I am kind of forgiving Angelica for her betrayal and I hope she can be what Griffin needs but I’m still on the fence about her at the moment.
I feel not much happened in this book but I think it may be as my reading was stilted by the formatting of the ARC I received which really did hamper the flow of the story. This book simply wasn’t long enough for me, I wanted all the answers to my questions from book one only to be left with more. I am left totally confused by Griffins thoughts towards his wife, just went I thought he had finally grown a pair they seem to be slowly shrinking again. I sense a need to wrap my kindle in bubble wrap for the next book in this series because it may be getting thrown. I’m looking forward to where the author takes this story.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan
I have been lied to.
And now, threatened.
With Angelina, it was quick. Sudden.
I was a moth and she was the flame. I had to touch her. I needed a taste. By doing so, my life has completely spiraled.
And then there’s Colette, and her slew of bullshit.
She’s lied to me to over and over again. Sadly, because of that, I no longer crave her love.
Who am I to trust when the world and the people I love seem to be turning against me?
Who is there to fall back on when none of them seem safe enough?
Betrayal no more.
Give a man like me flames, and I will torch anything that stands in my way.
I will burn it right down to the ground.
And yes, that includes the women I care about.

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