Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Review: Hard Candy (Bend or Break #7) by Amy Jo Cousins

*****5 Stars*****
I think this is my new favourite book in this series and I really didn’t expect to be saying that. This novella very much accompanies the previous novella which are both available together in one book.
I wasn’t expecting to like uptight Vinnie or Vincent as I now know him as much as I did in this book, his stiff conservative personality and image were blown right out of the water by the fabulous and flamboyant Bryan. I lo...
ved the opening to this book, seeing Vinnie in a way I never expected after he has reacted to Austin finding love elsewhere by going out on a drunken bender and waking up in a strange room to the lip gloss wearing Bryan.
Vinnie reacts in the way we’d expect initially but he can’t get Bryan out of his mind and so decides to see where things go. I loved that though Bryan on the surface could be overly camp his character was really quite guarded and you realise why most of it is a defence he still stood proud. I wasn’t sure how these total opposites were going to mesh together but it worked perfectly in the end though they definitely had issues to work through along the way.
I was happy to see Vinnie and Austin work at salvaging their friendship along with the rowing team coming together to stand up for Vinnie and Bryan. And again happy that this book though it does deal with some tough issues does so in a way that always makes it about the characters.
I have loved this series and will be sad to see it end as I believe this to be the last in the series.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan
How to get over someone? Get under someone else—as soon as possible.

Vincent Lim always assumed his best friend (and occasional hookup) Austin would be waiting for him—that eventually they’d end up together. But now that Austin’s in love with another man, Vinnie is at a loss.

After the world’s most awkward one-night stand with a dance major, Vinnie knows the drill. Minimize the embarrassment by pretending they’ve never met. Yet Bryan’s vibrant spirit and calm center lure Vinnie like a shelter from an emotional storm.

But Vinnie’s thrown off his game by the rest of Bryan’s total package. Vinnie’s a rowing jock with a single-minded focus on living up to his parents’ academic and social expectations. Bryan might as well be outfitted with glittery butterfly wings—with plenty of pride to match. Vinnie’s haphazard attention to a lover won’t cut it this time.

Physically, they can match each other stroke for booty pop. But for the lovers to meet on common ground, they’ll have to find a way to get moving in the same direction.

Warning: Contains one uptight rower, a dancer who can rock a skirt like nobody’s business, yoga lessons, and the benefits of being very bendy.

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