Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Review: One Hour Girl (Lost Series #1) by LeTeisha Newton

****4 Stars****
This is my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it. It deals with some difficult subject matters that some may find difficult to read but it is tastefully addressed.
At night, Celeste is a high end escort that demands and receives big money for her services with one restriction, her clients only get her for 60 minutes. By day she is a respectable paralegal assistant. However, when Celeste agrees to do an event she encounters Royce Mattherson, a powerful figure that always gets what he wants and he wants Celeste.
Royce sees something in Celeste that he isn’t sure he understands and he quickly becomes interested in finding out what it is about the escort girl that has captured his interest. As the two start to peel away each other’s layers we learn more about Celeste and the life she has endured and Royce is determined to see that she gets some justice. And along the way they come to realise that there is something more between them but will Celeste learn to trust Royce?
It was so frustrating to read the scenes between Celeste and her sister as I really wanted to do her sister some harm. Celeste has done her best to work her way out of the ghetto home of her mother and turn her life around but her sister and mother were leeches blaming her for the wrongs in their lives and making her pay. I literally fist pumped the air when Celeste finally stands up to them.
I enjoyed this book but found the writing a little stilted to start with so it took me some time to get into the story.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan
He thinks I’m his forever girl, I saw it in his eyes. I wished I could have slapped the look off his face and hit him with the same jarring finality I’d learned I didn’t mean shit.

I’m not a forever sort of girl.

I’m not even his for the night.

He’ll be lucky if I’m his for the next hour if he doesn’t pay me for it.

And then Royce Mattherson stormed my defenses. Took all the poison inside of me and pushed it out through my pores. He tasted the taint on my skin and still decided to love me. He terrifies me. Exhilarates me. Frustrates me.

And he always gets what he wants


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