Monday, 15 August 2016

Review: The Reckless Love Of An Heir (Marlow Intrigues #7) by Jane Lark

****4 Stars****

I was first exposed to romance novels through my aunt's historical romances many a moon ago and historical romances continue to my first book loves. I may not read them as often as I used to, but I still get excited about a great historical read. I'm partial to Regency romances which is how discovered Jane Lark a few years ago. When I saw she had a new book out I was chomping at the bit to read it.
The Reckless Love of an Heir is an emotional and angst filled historical read about Lord Henry Marlow and Susan Forth. Henry is having to return home and face his responsibility as heir and he is not happy about it. He is supposed to propose to Alethea his childhood friend and neighbor. She is beautiful and would make a perfect wife, but he finds himself transfixed by her sister Susan.
Susan is used to being passed over in favor to her sister. After all, Alethea is the pretty one, she is the smart nerdy one easily forgotten and ignored. That all changes when an injured Henry returns home. Susan has disliked him as long as she can remember. What use would she have for a rogue like him? Except she can't help the nurturing feelings his injuries bring out or how much she has verbally sparing with him Before they know it, dislike and disdain becomes appeal and attraction.
I very much enjoyed this story. I loved Susan and Henry's verbal sparing and their slow building attraction. The family drama and pitfalls were all very believable and even though they allowed themselves to get into some ethically murky waters, I felt for them throughout the story. The latter part of the book gets very emotional, but the ending was fulfilling.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

For Lord Henry Marlow, the future Earl of Barrington, life is for living before he accepts his duty. No wager is too risky or challenge too dangerous – until a racing injury forces the Barrington heir to return home and prepare for his destiny. But the one thing Henry will not do is bow to his parents’ wishes and propose to his childhood friend and neighbour, beautiful Alethea Forth. And he’ll not put up with her disapproving sister, Susan, either, no matter how much he enjoys their verbal sparring…
Kind-hearted, bookish Susan Forth has always thought Henry arrogant and self-centred, and has never hidden her dislike of the rogue! But this injured, vulnerable Henry reluctantly brings out her natural compassion, and a shocking desire for the man who is expected to marry her sister! A stolen kiss leads to a forbidden passion – and for the first time in her life, Susan knows what it’s like to be reckless – with a man who is finally learning to care.
But when tragedy strikes, their secret love is all that holds them together – and could tear their lives apart…

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