Saturday, 20 August 2016

Review: Exploited by Lane Hart

****4 Stars****

This was my first book by this author and I quite liked it. It's quite a tame dark read compared to some of the really dark stuff I've read. Most of it is in past tense explaining in the story but with some of the content/explanation there's no way it could be categorised as anything else especially with events towards the end of the book. I'm not going to rehash the story as its all in the blurb and anything more would maybe spoil it for some. Blair has me curious as at the moment her head is all over the place and she struggles to know what she wants. However her character is developing and I can only see that getting stronger as the next book unfolds. Brede and Aiden I'm still trying to work out but they were arses at the end which has made me want to slap them both. The Cliffy at the end didn't bother me either as it was one of those endings that was abrupt but you also knew what was happening at the same time. I look forward to book 2 and I will definitely check out more of this authors work.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb

I’m going to hell, and my angel’s about to lose her wings.

For years I’ve left a path of death and destruction wherever I go. I promise myself that after one last job I’ll have the money I desperately need to quit taking lives. That’s how I find myself back in my hometown of Lexington.

So beautiful and innocent, I unknowingly end up saving the life of the one girl I was supposed to keep silent…the one girl I was supposed to end.

She’s my fallen angel sent from above.

I can’t resist staining her pure white wings with my darkness when I use her. Defile her. Deceive her.

The two of us were both ruined by our pasts when they intersected. Pasts that we’re still trying to escape with the hounds of hell on our heels.

Fate brought us together. Now, I’ll do anything to protect my angel from the demons that haunt her. I won’t stop until I slay the devil himself to keep her safe, the man who ruined both of our lives.

The only problem is, my silent angel is keeping secrets from me – the biggest of which is that I’m not the only one who wants to exploit her.

WARNING: This is the deepest, darkest, dirtiest romance I've ever written.

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