Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Bad Judgment by Meghan March

*****4.5 Stars*****

Justine is focused and determined to not allow herself to become distracted from law school. Her biggest distraction is Ryker. She knows no good can come from allowing herself to give into him and she has done a remarkable job keeping him at bay for the past two years. She almost let him in when she needs his help to move the summer of her second year in law school. He loses his chance and she thinks that's the end of his temptation until she finds out her scholarship is gone when she returns to school. Now she finds herself choosing between two undesirable options: Strip to get enough money for tuition or tutor the desirable and hard to resist Ryker.
Ryker can't get Justine out of his mind or system. He is used to getting what he wants, and a woman who can resist his charm is a novel and impossible to resist experience. He isn't one to take no for an answer and he is convinced he can wear Justine down and convince her he has only the best intentions. When he gets a chance to ingrain himself more firmly into her daily life he pounces. Soon a deal is set and neither will ever be the same.
I enjoyed Bad Judgement tremendously! Megan March writes steamy stories that have strong determined women and sexy can't and won't take no men that are thrilling to read. They are always so much fun! There are some secrets in this one that kept the plot interesting but the story manages to stay light and not too angsty. I also loved that Justine and Ryker had a very mature feeling relationship given they are in school. Fabulous read!

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

A deliciously sexy enemies to lovers standalone coming this summer from USA Today bestselling author Meghan March.
He’s so arrogant.

She’s so self-righteous.

I can’t stand him.

I want her.

He’s a distraction I don’t need.

She’ll say yes eventually because I’m not giving up.

Justine Porter is stuck between a rock and a stripper pole. She lost her law school scholarship, which means she has two choices to keep her life on track: strip for her tuition or tutor the most distractingly sexy guy in her class—the one she’s been turning down for two years straight. It should be an easy choice, but tutoring Ryker Grant could derail her plans to graduate with honors faster than two-for-one night at the Déjà Vu. Then again, topless has never really been her color.

She could take the easy road, just this once . . . but the deal has enough loopholes to trip anyone up.

Who knew they taught bad judgment in law school?

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