Saturday, 20 August 2016

Review: Protege by Lydia Michaels

****4 Stars****

Collette has been living an unfulfilling life since tragedy struck when she was a child. She bounced around from family to family while she was in the foster care system and now teaches French. All the while she has tried to find a place she belongs and someone who will allow her to explore her hidden desires. When she loses her job, she decides she will take control of her life and apply to the secret society, Fernweh, which matches people up with their ideal match(es) regardless of sexual tastes.
Jude is the founder of Fernweh. He initially agrees to interviewing Collette because he wants to know how she has found out about it. It is a secret society and is only known about through word of mouth from members. There is no way Collette should know about it or know anyone who does. Once he actually meets her though, he is intrigued by her sexuality, desire to explore and innocence. He goes against his normal behavior and the rules and policies he has set up and decides to allow her to become his personal protege.
I am a huge fan of BDSM erotic romances and am always open to trying new ones. This one intrigued me immediately and I very much enjoyed reading about Collette's journey as she explored her desires and submission. Jude was an interesting character, who also had a pretty complicated backstory, but it wasn't explored as much as Collette's past. I really felt for her. She went through so much at such a young age and that trauma definitely shaped her life and had a major impact on her future desires.
Michaels spent a lot of time explaining certain aspects of the BDSM lifestyle and the trust needed to build a healthy and beneficial D/s relationship. While this could be helpful, especially to readers not familiar with the lifestyle, I think maybe a little less 'info' was needed, since some parts read almost clinically due to the large amount of information. Regardless, I enjoyed Jude and Collette's relationship. Watching them attempt to keep their emotions separate from the physical acts they engaged in made for some angsty and compelling reading. These were two interesting and complicated characters who were taken on an emotional roller-coaster throughout the book. Michaels had me very invested in their lives and relationship and the sex scenes were well written and sexy. I believe this may be the start of a series, and I'm intrigued to see where the author may take the members of this secret society next.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

The author of the provocative Surrender Trilogy presents a new novel of one woman’s introduction to a world of sinfully sweet submission…

For too long, French teacher Collette Banks has locked her deepest desires away in the darkest corners of her mind. But now, she’s taking matters into her own hands by applying to a secret and exclusive society devoted to matching people with their ideal partner—or partners…

Founder Jude Duval has set up strict rules for admitting people into his world. But when he interviews Collette, he finds himself breaking protocol. Her innocence disarms him. Her willingness to explore her own sensuality delights him. And her spirit challenges him—enough to take her on as his own protégé .

What starts out as Collette’s erotic awakening will draw them both in deeper than either of them could have ever imagined…

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