Monday, 8 August 2016

Review: Hard Edge by Tess Oliver

*****5 Stars*****

Tess Oliver never ever disappoints me. This has been yet another delight to read.
Kenna has been friends with Grady and his half brother Caden since childhood. In adult life the three of them have moved on. Kenna lives in New York with her fiancé but still speaks to Grady on a monthly basis and Caden and Grady have always been really close. So when tragedy hits and Grady is killed in an accident on his way back to their home town to meet Caden, both Kenna and Caden are devastated and head back home to the town they grew up in to say their goodbyes. Kenna never knew both Caden and Grady had always been in love with her, Caden never told Grady either as he didn't want to stand in his way. Neither of them knew that Kenna was actually in love with Caden so there have been secrets all round. When Caden sets eyes on Kenna or Trinket as he calls her all the feelings come flooding back and little does he know the feelings mutual so sparks end up flying. Kenna is unhappy in her relationship with her douchebag fiancé so before starting anything with Caden she needs to end it. Can their love survive through guilt over what Grady would have thought or survive through the fact that they have totally different lives away from home?
This book has a little of it all. There are sad teary parts and laugh out loud moments from witty characters. Then there's the smoking hot sex scenes. I do love it when authors create hard, fast wall/anywhere but the bed sex! The chemistry is sizzling between the characters and the writing flows well to suck you in so you never stop reading. I can't wait to see what Tess has in store next for us.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb

A standalone romance from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Tess Oliver.

It was strange how when things happened, they almost inevitably happened in giant cloud bursts. Grady's death had started the cloud burst, and it had been pouring rain ever since.

I'd spent half my teenage years dreaming about being that girl, the girl who would finally steal the most elusive heart in town but I'd left that life behind--or so I thought.

My life had been feeling pretty damn solid, but somewhere along the way, the ground beneath my feet had softened. And now--now he was there. Like a lightning bolt I never saw coming After years of dreaming, I finally knew what real love felt like, but our relationship was fragile and I feared it would shatter easily.

It seemed she'd never considered the possibility that she was a heartbreaker, that she was the type of girl who could wrap herself around your soul with just her laugh.

Tragedy had reunited us. She had always been in my heart. I'd finally found my way back to the girl I loved, and I didn't want anything to get in the way of that. But my life rarely went the way I wanted.

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