Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Review: Midtown Masters (Sins in the City #3) by Cara McKenna

*****5 Stars*****

I love Cara McKenna and have greatly enjoyed her Sins in the City series. Reading Midtown Masters was a bit bitter sweet because it is the last book in that series and I am sad to see it end. This series has been all about exploring menage relationships in their different incarnations. McKenna always manages to pile on the smut (she writes some of my most favorite erotic works), while having well fleshed out characters, relationships you become firmly vested in and situations that make you think and question your preconceived notions..

Suzy (Soo-jn) and Meyer CAM together. The money is good and they have fun entertaining their clients with their sizzling on video chemistry. Offline, their relationship feels more like one of close friends than lovers. One particular client, Lindsay (who's first name is John, but the fact he is first introduced by his last name leads to Suzy and Meyer making a mistaken assumption about his gender) begins to captivate Suzy. She is intrigued by his romantic requests and Meyer is concerned about her growing interest.

This was such a unique read. We only really experience these three characters through their interactions with each others. Adding John to the mix made everything so much more emotional and interesting. Plus, there is no denying how hot all of the sex scenes were. McKenna is one of my favorite erotic writers for a reason! I'm not quite sure which of the three books in this series I liked best, but Midtown Masters is definitely toward the top of the list. I also enjoyed the CAM plot line and the mistaken identity since it kept things fresh and interesting.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

From the author of Downtown Devil and Crosstown Crush comes the final novel in the trilogy that gets you up close and personal with the thrill of ménage à trois.

Online, Suzy Park and Meyer Cohen are a hot, young couple willing to try anything their paying viewers desire. Their chemistry offline, though, is fizzling out. They’d call it quits if not for the high they get from captivating their audience with mind-blowing sex.

Lately, however, one of their clients has begun captivating Suzy. With requests for vanilla lovemaking that annoy Meyer to no end, Lindsay seems to be a lonely innocent needing an imitation of romance. Suzy and Lindsay discover a bond that only deepens once the camera stops rolling, but Lindsay has a secret—that “she” is really a he pretending to be a woman for research—and the cost of confessing could turn a simple arrangement into a hands-on education...

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