Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Review ~ Bane (Memphis #1) by D.H. Sidebottom

*****5 STARS*****

This book has it all. 
By that, I mean it thrusts you through all sorts of emotions. You'll feel that adrenaline rush that makes you want to pump your fist in victory, a snigger that bubbles in your throat and sorrow which makes you feel like the world has imploded. This story has so many twists and turns but through it all, you can depend on a strong female lead. The female lead in books is something I struggle with - I'm easily irritated by a simpering, whining woman - but DH Sidebottom has a knack for writing a strong, self-sufficient woman who still craves the protection of a dominant, alpha male.

Bane starts off with a bang and I immediately knew something was amiss. This theme of unease is carried through the book, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Knox intrigues me but I'm hoping he doesn't end up with that horrid woman. Who knows what'll happen in the next book but I'll be waiting with bated to breath to discover where this fabulous author takes us next.

Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer 

Milly Evans has been PA to the head of Sparrow Towers for over eight years. And Milly loves her job. Her boss is the most affectionate and compassionate man she’s ever known. Geoffrey Sparrow’s high profile status and company prestige never changed the old man, and with his and Milly’s love for his respected company, their relationship gave them both something to cherish in the workplace and build an even better future for themselves and all Sparrow’s employees. 
That is until her boss is brutally murdered and Milly witnesses the whole horrifying ordeal. 
And then everything changes. 
Warne Industries has been trying to snatch Sparrow Towers for months, their snide underhand ways not once swaying her much loved boss. 
And now they are quick to move in and take what they always wanted – Milly included. 
Yet, one of the CEOs of Warne Industries who had been hiding behind the anonymity of his partner turns out to be the best friend Milly had left behind years ago, Rik Bane. However, everything she used to love about Rik is gone, and in his place is an arrogant and cruel man, a man Milly no longer recognises. 
His new ways, his coldness and the way he sneers down his nose at Milly give her many reasons to flee her new employers. Yet, driven by her love for Geoffrey and his resolve to create a traditional company, Milly is determined to stay and make sure his lifetime’s commitment isn’t torn to shreds and fed to the lions’ piece by piece. 
Now Milly’s past, her secrets and the lies she had told to protect herself and everyone around her is suddenly about to blow wide open. 
But when it surfaces that Milly is a witness to her boss’ murder, she’s soon running for her life, and the only man that can help her stay alive is Rik.

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