Friday, 17 February 2017

Review: By Appointment Only by Lisa Eugene

*****5 Stars*****

This book is about an older man and a younger woman. Danielle is a single mother with an autistic daughter Emmy who is struggling to make ends meet and is continuously trying to protect them from her drug abusing violent ex husband. After a long drawn out fight Danielle manages to get Emmy into a prestigious school that is equipped to deal with her autism. One day whilst at work she gets a call from the school saying that she needs to go pick Emmy up due to her having an enormous meltdown which nobody can calm. Angry and frustrated because it's just cost Danielle her job she has no choice but to go collect her daughter. However she puts up a strong front when she gets to the school because they should be dealing with it but they won't because the schools owner is about to turn up for a press conference.

Chase is a very wealthy man, not only does he own a school but is also running for Mayor but co runs a business Flex-Steel which is constantly hitting the headlines for unsafe practices which is ruining his campaign. When Chase gets a mouthful from Danielle at the school she has his interest piqued. When Danielle receives a letter a few days later saying her daughter is being discharged from the school she decides to pay Chase Rutherford a visit at his office. The reply to her outburst from him is an appointment, every Tuesday 6pm sharp, in his office, on his desk. Chase knows he is playing with fire because her heart is destined to get broken if she ever finds out his secret but he can't seem to help himself. Can they deal with the aftermath?

This author never ever disappoints me. Lisa Eugene is a fantastic writer of the most sensitive subject matters revolving around mental health or invisible illness and she always gets it right. Sometimes I read books with medical problems etc and authors can get it so wrong making it cringe worthy to read not to mention highly embarrassing for them, so to read this sort of thing time and time again from an author who constantly gets it right is a breath of fresh air and for that I applaud it. The characters as so well written and the story draws you in leaving you wanting more and more. I always look forward to see what Lisa Eugene is going to write next because I know I will always be inspired and entertained by her books.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb


What we do...
What we do every Tuesday...
In my office,
On my desk...
Is wrong!

But I crave her,
I can't stop.
How can I save her 
from certain heartbreak,
when I can't even save myself?


He’s a gorgeous, eccentric, older man, a millionaire who owns the special needs school my daughter attends. He also happens to be running for mayor of New York City. 

Why do I keep my appointments? 

This one hour every Tuesday is strangely a welcomed reprieve from a life that has always been too full of hardship. I am usually quite willful. I'm tough and belligerently stubborn, but sometimes I don’t want to be.

I revel in the passion, the desperate need that sets a flame in Chase's deep blue eyes, and the fervent worship of my body that spills from his lips. 

The awe he finds in every tiny detail of my pleasure is infinitely thrilling. 

I completely surrender to him, a surrender that requires a great deal of trust. I've never fully trusted anyone in my life. And I don’t know why, but I trust Chase Rutherford.

But what is he hiding? 

As my heart softens and his gazes grow tender, will I finally learn his secret. Will it be unbearable? Will it shatter my heart? 

Will it be so devastating that it finally breaks this unbreakable woman?

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