Friday, 24 February 2017

Review: Silenced by Leddy Harper

*****5 Stars*****

I’m in love with this book, from the beautiful cover (which is perfect by the way), to the lovely characters, Killian especially and the emotive writing. It’s been a while since a book had me turning pages quicker than I could read them but Silenced may have just cured my funk. I think I say this with each book as Leddy Harper just keeps rocking them out there but this is my absolute favourite book of hers to date. 

This is a beautifully written story that has some scenes in that are tough to read, some scenes that others may not agree with but are crucial to the story but overall it is a brilliantly written story of a young boy growing into a man fighting the horror of his demons, friends developing into more, scorned lovers fighting for a second chance. The book flows well as we follow the two youngsters through to adulthood where situations tear them apart and eventually back into each other’s lives. It takes twists and turns I wasn’t expecting and keeps you intrigued throughout.

Killian is a character I want to pull out of the pages and just hug him, from the prologue through to the ending that was all I wanted to do. He is just a young boy when he experiences the most tragic of events that leave him scarred in every way, events that lead him to live with his aunt where he catches the eye of his younger neighbour Rylee. Rylee is a sweet character that follows her curiosity every step of the way with Killian and what ensues is a beautiful friendship that develops into something more at a young age. Rylee becomes the central figure in Kilian’s life and she helps him step out of his comfort zones occasionally but he is still holding so much more inside, more that will have huge consequences for them both. 

Bravo to Leddy Harper on another fantastic story that will pull on every emotion you have and one that is sure to stay with me for a long time that definitely secured a spot on my favourites list and I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Vikki Ryan 

Haunted by a photographic memory, I couldn’t escape the worst night of my life.

The blood they shed.

The pain they endured.

The evil that still walked free.

It was all I saw. Those memories, my childhood—the images.

Silenced and scarred.

But nothing lasts forever.

Torment turned to blinding rage. Hate sought revenge, which pursued death. 

Then there was life.

The moon.

Rylee Anderson.

I had to choose...

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