Sunday, 30 April 2017

Review: Preppy (The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater #3) by T.M. Frazier

*****5 Stars*****

Ahhhhh what a brilliant end to a much loved character in the King series. I am so sad right now because I want so much to see Preppy's story go on and on forever. I do know T.M.Frazier is writing some adventures for a couple of side characters we have met throughout the series so hopefully we will see more of Preppy, King and Bear in those.

What can I say about part 3 of Preppy's story? It was just awesome and more. Preppy has changed since his months of hell in Chops hands. I found he could still be the bad boy we know protecting the ones he loves most but we also see the calm, sweet and loving softer side to him a lot. I can't work out which side of him I prefer so I will just go with I love all of him completely and utterly. The only little gripe I had and it's a teeny gripe, was that I think he lost some of his quirky sense of humour in this instalment but then there was the usual amount of drama that he seems to attract surrounding this book and some of it was really tough on him. Every time I see a pancake or a bow tie now I will always think of Preppy.

Dre has totally changed from her previous years and has become a fiercely independent woman who loves Preppy with all her heart. We have watched her over the course of the 3 books holding her own whilst becoming stronger than she's ever been whilst most women would have run a mile by now.

Overall If you haven't read this series and you can stomach dark matter in your books then get on this series now! 
Mrs Frazier my hat is off to you as the King series is in the number one spot of my top all time reads. I can't wait for the spin off stories you create especially Smoke's who seems to be our secret magician saviour, always pops up in the right place at the right time saving the day. He never however seems to stick around so I think his story may be an interesting one!

Reviewed by Claire Lamb 

The Bowtie is BACK!

Dre was just a beautiful stranger when Preppy saved her the first time around. Now, he has to save her again, but she's no longer some stranger, she's family, and he has no idea who or what he's up against.

What he does know is that putting his family back together is the only acceptable outcome.

Preppy's to-do list? 

He's alive...and he's out for BLOOD.

Preppy Part Three is the third book and conclusion of Preppy and Dre's story. It's also the 7th book in the King Series, which should be read in order starting with KING & TYRANT.

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