Thursday, 19 January 2017

Review: Taking Turns (Turning #1) by J.A. Huss

****4 Stars****

3 Men, 1 Woman, 2 nights each week with each man but there are rules about each man she must learn and obey. Taking Turns is a game with an ultimate goal and challenge for the men for as long as it lasts, but who is going to win? This is a book told from multiple points of view from Smith, Quin, Bric and Cella. It's twisted, dirty and very naughty. 
When Rochelle just ups and disappears 3 years into her contracted arrangement with the 3 men, it's game over, contract terminated! Only problem is that one man broke all the rules and fell in love with her. But she did leave something behind in her place, a replacement named Cella which Quin only realises after he has had his way with her thinking it was Rochelle. After Quin initially panicking and putting her gagged and tied in a wardrobe he contacts Smith and Bric and they let her go and take her home. Smith is intrigued though and mulls it over for a short time before asking Quin and Bric to vote on asking her to be the replacement in their game because lets face it she's a dirty, dirty girl for letting a stranger having his way with her.
There are secrets to be spilled, stories to be told and questions needing answers. Will everyone leave this game satisfied or will it just leave frustration?

When I first saw the blurb for Taking Turns I thought ohhhhh I have to have that just because I secretly like a bit of full on kink with more than 2 participants. I really liked this book but something stopped me from giving it the full 5 stars. I didn't really find the book dark at all which some have described, I only found it down right kinky hot which I really didn't mind and actually loved it that way. It was also full of enough surprises and twists and followed a story line along with the kink to keep my mind invested. Each character has their own traits and their own stories. This book was Smith and Cella's stories although we get enough of an insight into Bric's and Quins as well. Overall I can't wait to see where this series goes next.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb

I’ve never been afraid of the dark...but that doesn’t mean I wanted to live in it. And maybe everyone wants what they can’t have, but I should’ve thought it over before I accepted the key and unlocked the door to their forbidden world.

Number One is mostly silent. He watches me with them very carefully. His gaze never wanders. His interest never wanes.

Number Two is mostly gentle. But it’s the other side of him I like best. The wild side.

Number Three is mostly reserved. He refuses to cross the line. Even when I beg.

It was carnal, it was sensual, and it was erotic. That’s it. That’s all it was supposed to be. A trip into the dark. A peek into the forbidden.

I just didn’t expect to like them.

I heard the door open and close and said nothing. And the footsteps coming down the hallway towards the bedroom. I even heard him say, “Hey.” So softly. “You awake?” Like he didn’t want to wake me.

I listened as he stepped into the closet. There was that slick sound a man makes when he pulls his tie through his shirt collar. I heard the unclasping of his watch. The jingle of his belt buckle and the shuffle of his pants as they dropped to the floor.

I even heard his moan as he stood over me. I could feel his shadow from the streetlamp outside like it was heat.

Then the bed creaked, the mattress sank. And his warm, hard body straddled me.
Still, I said nothing.

I just buried my face in the sweet scent of the pillow and closed my eyes, feigning sleep.

“Rochelle,” he whispered, leaning over me. His fingertips gently brushed the hair away from my shoulder. His mouth pressed against my skin. “Did you miss me? God, I’ve missed you. Two weeks is too long. We need to renegotiate.”

He nipped my neck. Kissed it. Licked my ear as he positioned himself to begin.

And I said… nothing.

Even though my name is not Rochelle. 
That’s why I’m here. Tied up and gagged inside the closet. Sitting in the dark as three men on the other side of the door argue about where Rochelle went, why I was in her bed, and what they should do next.

I should be scared but I’m not.

I should be screaming, but I won’t.

Because this just feels very, very right.

And the only thing on my mind is… what will happen next?

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