Thursday, 19 January 2017

Review: Candy Ever After (Hot Candy #2) by Jo Raven

****4 Stars****

Having very much enjoyed Candy Boys, I was quite excited when I discovered Jo Raven would be releasing an epilogue of sorts entitled, Candy Ever After. Having loved all three characters and their steamy menage relationship, I was very excited for them to get some additional page time.
Candy Ever After begins with Candy now living with Joel and Jet. All should be perfect and in theory it is, except the day to day life of a relationship tends to have some complications. Meshing two people and their personal baggage is hard enough, add in a third and there is bound to be some drama. Luckily for the readers, there is nowhere near as much drama in this story as their was in the original. In fact, much of the drama is the aftermath of previous drama or some minor residual drama remaining from last time.
One of the biggest source of unrest, not surprisingly, is what Jet faces. It isn't easy dealing with the aftermath of your father trying to kill you. He is having trouble sleeping and can't help still worrying Joel will Candy and him. Joel has his own issues, as he needs to be honest with his parents and lay the details of his unconventional relationship out for them. That scene was one of the most emotional in the book for me and I still want to run up to him and hug him and make it all better. Candy is also plagued with doubts. She knows that Joel and Jet love her, but she can't help worrying her perfect fantasy turned reality will vanish before her eyes.
My main complaint with Candy Ever After is that I went in expecting it to be an epilogue and as such, wanted a happy ending with all loose ends tied up. We didn't really get that and it is left quite open ended. I'm not sure if we'll see more of our beloved trio, but going off the title of this story, I'm not really expecting it. One of my favorite aspects was the interactions between Candy and her parents. You will literally laugh out loud (especially at her mom's antics). I enjoyed revisiting Joel, Jet and Candy, but can't help wishing their ever after was tied up a bit more neatly.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Candy, why is your bed so big?”
“… to fit my two boyfriends when we snuggle together at night.”
Only that’s my father asking, staring at the bed in question.
So yeah. Unruly Jethro and cocky Joel are now officially my boyfriends. My Candy Boys. I moved in with them, and I expected things to be tense, awkward. I was wrong. This feels so right, and well, hot. These boys are so hot.
But with college starting, Jethro returning to work at the bookshop, and Joel starting his own business, everything’s shifting. Not to forget the fact that Joel still hasn’t confronted his parents about our relationship, that Jethro is still recovering from his dad’s brutal attack, and that I feel insecure, well…
Wait a sec. Insecure? Come on, Candy. That’s BS. These boys love you. 
Yeah, I know. The boys and me, we’re solid. However, doubt still lingers. I mean, Joel’s parents hate each other. Jethro’s dad killed his mom, for chrissakes—and my mom has acquired a sudden interest in sex toys and escort services. 
So I wonder if true love really exists. Love that doesn’t fade over time. You know, the kind that withstands nightmares and bad jokes, unwashed dishes in the sink and lack of lube.
Yeah, that happened.
These boys own me. They’re sweet, sexy and caring—but will they break my heart, or is this our happily ever after?

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