Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Review: Way Down Deep by Charlotte Stein & Cara McKenna

*****4.5 STARS*****

When I first heard about this book, I fangirled an embarrassing amount. I have yet to find a Cara McKenna book I did not adore and then to find out she was co-writing a book with Charlote Stein?! I knew I needed t get my hands on a copy as soon as possible. The power house authors are not the only thing exciting about Way Down Deep. It's also told in a unique format. The entire story is told through text messages.

Malcolm sends a text message to a number, not expecting to receive a reply. Maya, is the new owner of that number and surprisingly she does reply. This begins a string of texts in which Malcolm and Maya slowly begin to get to know each other and eventually this friendship blossoms into something deeper. Can a relationship that is exclusively online turn into something deep and meaningful and make it's way offline?

This is a perfect type of tale for the modern digital age. More and more people are meeting and connecting online and that question of how lasting a relationship can be when taken into the offline world is one that is becoming more and more common. The first part of this book had a slow build that definitely kept my interest as we learn about these characters through their text messages. Later in the book, they take on a more naughty edge as the texts slowly turn into sexting. The end left me wanting more and I am desperately hoping we will see a sequel at some future date. Such a fun and unique read from two of my favourite erotic authors.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

An erotic romance…told entirely through text messages.

The words he typed were never meant to be read, yet they found their way to her. Two wounded strangers, prisoners of their own lives, brought together by a wayward text.

Without ever hearing each other’s voices, a friendship blooms between them. Without ever seeing each other’s faces, an attraction grows. Without ever touching, the two become lovers.

But when words suddenly aren’t enough, will this bond be able to tear down the walls that keep them apart…or was it only ever fantasy?

Charlotte Stein 

Cara McKenna

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