Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Review: All The Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road #2) by Megan Hart

*****4.5 STARS*****

Megan hart finishes her Quarry Road Duo with All the Secrets We Keep and surprisingly, I liked it even more than book one. I was a bit surprised by that because I had no love lost for Ilya in the first book, but Hart worked her magic. In no time at all I was firmly invested in Ilya's story and rooting for him.

Ilya is used to being a disappointment. He lost his wife to a drowning accident clothed in secrecy, he married her sister, but that ending in divorce and the business he started with her is a step away from being lost. Losing his grandmother seems to be last straw to break him until he is reunited his Theresa, his short lived stepsister.

Theresa was Ilya's stepsister for a year, until his mother kicked out her addict father. She returns for his grandmother's funeral and to try and see him through his failing business. She tries to convince him to sell and somewhere along the way her long ago feelings of sibling care turn into something deeper and less familiar. Just when things seem to be turning around for Ilya abs he finally has a glimmer of hope, secrets from the past put his future at risk.

Megan Hart gave this book duo an excellent conclusion. This was a little less heavy than book one, but just as exciting and emotional. Hart always writes stories that wrap around you send refuse to let go and this is another great addition to that list of work.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

In the riveting conclusion to Megan Hart’s passionate new family drama, the secrets they keep are no match for the truths their hearts will never let go.

Still stuck in his small Central Pennsylvania hometown, Ilya Stern is used to feeling like a disappointment. After his high school girlfriend, Jennilynn, drowned, he married her sister, Alicia, only to divorce a decade later. The business they started together is threatened by a luxury development—and Alicia has already sold her stake. Now that Babulya, Ilya’s gentle Russian grandmother, has died, there’s no one left who believes in him. Or so he thinks.

Theresa Malone was Ilya’s stepsister for only a year, until his mother threw her pill-popping father out of the house in the middle of the night, forcing teenage Theresa to follow. Now she’s returned for Babulya’s funeral—and to facilitate the quarry-development deal. As she tries to convince Ilya to sell, she realizes her feelings for him have ignited—from sisterly into something more.

Working together closely, Ilya and Theresa struggle to define their intense attraction. When the details of Jennilynn’s death surface, will Ilya and Theresa’s deep connection keep their hope for the future afloat—or submerge them once and forever in their tragic past? 

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